venerdì 29 gennaio 2010

Global mobile web consumption share up 148% in 2009 article by Patricia Carson

Global mobile web consumption share up 148% in 2009
January 10th, 2010 by Patricia Carson

The recently released report 2009 Mobile Web Trends Report by Quantcast, an internet marketing research company highlights the overall growth trends, market share of web consumption across device manufacturers, operating systems and browsers, holiday trends in mobile as well as anticipated 2010 developments in the mobile arena.

You can read the full report here. It’s a great a primer for mobile devices and their operating systems — a complete view of the current ecosystem, with tons of detailed information. While still smaller than the overall market share of web pages, the rapid acceleration of mobile web consumption, as outlined in this report, provides mobile marketers with more evidence for the inclusion of mobile marketing into their programs.

Findings from the report include:

∙North American mobile web share up 110% in 2009 (Dec ’09 vs. Dec ’08)
∙Global mobile web consumption share up 148% in 2009
∙Apple continues to dominate, though market share has declined as increased competition emerges
∙Android supports over 12% of North American mobile web pageviews, overtaking RIM’s Blackberry
∙Motorola’s Android based Droid is the most impressive market entry since the iPhone and is largely responsible for a 10x improvement in Motorola’s North American mobile web share
∙Apple, Nintendo, Motorola and HTC saw the largest ‘stocking stuffer’ bounce this past holiday season, and
∙Pre-launch web visibility points to a wide variety of new devices from Motorola, HTC, Blackberry and others in 2010

For 2010, Quantcast predicts that mobile’s share of page views in North American will grow a whole percentage point to 2.3% by the end of the year.

domenica 17 gennaio 2010

Aforismi di tarda notte...

Tutti pretendono la sincerità, ma nessuno l'apprezza.

L'esperto è una perona che ha fatto in tempo ristretto tutti i possibili errori.

Non capita mai due volte di dare la prima impressione (O.Wilde).

Alcuni uomini sono vivi perchè l'assassinio è illegale.

Genio e Follia hanno qualcosa in comune: entrambi vivono in un mondo diverso da quello che esiste per gli altri.

Anche l'amore è un lusso ( A. Camus)

La bellezza che seduce coincide poche volte con la bellezza che fa innamorare (Jose Ortega).

L'incontro tra due opposti talvolta genera magnetismo e talvolta repulsione.

mercoledì 13 gennaio 2010

Words that make a difference

The Official Social Media and Mobile Glossary of 2010

This is an article taken from Ad Age, the author is Peter Balckshaw.

I like the glossary and I reported it entirely:

PURNED MEDIA: Just like it sounds, earned media that goes horribly negative, invades otherwise pristine search results or bleeds into traditional media. Bad customer service is a top driver of "spurned media."

MOBILENECKING: The alarming tendency to have our necks titled down or shifted sideways -- ever glued to our mobile device. This anywhere, anyplace epidemic is increasingly common in cars, airplanes and crosswalks. Closely related to term "Eyevoidance," where no one looks at anyone anymore.

JACK RIPPER: The device warriors who hog outlets anywhere they can find them -- in the airport, via the USB port of a colleague's computer, even a restaurant reservation desk. They get a charge from a charge.

WIKI WART: A bad piece of news or an embarrassing brand episode (e.g., an activist protest or a social-media campaign that backfired) that just won't go away in a brand's Wikipedia description. PR pros often give false hope to brands of removing the warts, but relentless Wikipedia editors put them right back.

OEDIPOST COMPLEX: The curious neurosis that compels folks to sleep with their Blackberry or iPhone. The afflicted can't stop checking -- even in late hours -- for responses to tweets or blog and Facebook posts.

DECIPROCITY: When everything you post actually decreases your friend and follower count. Even when you friend or follow others, the rules of reciprocity just don't apply. Soul searching is typically in order here.

FAUX POST: When you are talking to someone on the phone and they notice an unrelated tweet or Facebook status update from you showing up in real-time. Bad form -- don't do it. (Trust me!)

APPFUSION: An inevitable outcome of app overload. Very common among iPhone users who download so many apps they can't find their address book. Appfusion can lead to as many problems as the apps solve.

BRAND TEASE: A consumer who "friends" or "fans" a brand, only to never return for a second date. Brands feed the cycle by forgetting to court the consumer with engaging, interesting or sustaining content or value.

CONVERSATIONAL DIVIDE: The huge gap between what marketers preach about social-media "conversations" and the brand's actual customer-service or call-center operations. Stems from cost vs. profit-center tension.

SHELF STORM: When organic search results suddenly go haywire, or shift to the dark side, thanks to the link-love logic of social media. Consider Tiger Woods' search-result shift from 95% positive to 60% hostile (in a matter of days). Or how brands with highly publicized service failures quickly acquire shelf-venom.

APPTOSTERONE: The mojo that fuels intense "mine's bigger/better" conversation about mobile apps. "Dude, you got Bump, but I've got FourSquare." Marketing techies are loaded with Apptosterone.

BUCK SUCKED: The condition that typically slaps you in the face when reading your credit card bill and you see dozens of "dollar" charges for music and "what the heck" iPhone or mobile apps. Expect much more of this as it gets worlds easier and more convenient to pay for online content. (Good news for publishers!)

TRUST LAPSE: The frighteningly popular tendency we have to "open up" our friend network to a cool, unknown social-media service or app. Ego, vanity and impatience often collide with rationality here.

RUNWAY REBEL: That guy (or gal) who keeps the "electronic device" going well past the airline warnings and prohibitions. We see them everywhere, and no one is innocent here.

BLOG DODGER: Someone who has abandoned his or her blog for Twitter or some other lower-hassle social-media substitute. This was big in 2009, and we'll likely see much more of it in 2010.

QUAD STALKERS: Folks from your past who "friend" you (e.g., folks you marginally knew from the high-school quad) and who seem to comment on everything you post on Facebook. Mostly benign, but a tad curious.

TWEET-SHIFTING: Delaying or mixing Twitter posts so axe murderers don't know you're miles from home. Increasingly common as a spousal and family covenant among folks who travel with high frequency.

CURBCASTING: The almost unstoppable cacophony of loud voices barking all manner of silliness into the airwaves thanks to Bluetooth devices. You see this on every street corner and curb.

TWITSTOP: A bathroom detour from a meeting or conversation in order to check e-mail, Twitter or the latest and greatest via an app. (Swear on the Bible, I don't do this ... but I'm told lots of others do.)

DIGITAL DETOX: What we all need -- at least in doses. As we've learned, total digital immersion has side effects. Let's all pursue a roadmap for balance in 2010. (This is likely the topic of my next book, so send feedback.)

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